Perbandingan Harga 10 Peti Ais/Sejuk Yg Murah

#1 Hisense Mini Bar

Hisense Mini Bar

Hisense Mini Bar

Hisense Mini Bar merupakan peti sejuk kecil untuk menyimpan snek-snek seperti coklat, aiskrim, minuman tin atau botol. Ia sesuai untuk keluarga kecil ataupun mereka yang bujang. Harganya juga amat murah.

Hisense Mini Bar RR60D4AGN 60L
Reversible Door
Low-noise Design
Environment Friendly Design
Easy Cleaning Sealed Door
Wire rack

#2 Hisense 150L 1-Door Fridge

harga peti ais

Hisense 150L 1-Door Fridge

Hisense 1-Door Fridge mempunyai saiz yang sederhana untuk menyimpan buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran, minuman botol/tin, jam, dll untuk sekeluarga. Ia disyorkan untuk keluarga yang mempunyai bilangan 2 – 3 orang.

Hisense 150L 1-door Fridge
Tempered Glass Shelves
Left & Right Reversible Door
Environment-friendly Technology
Low Noise Design
Easy Cleaning
Mechanical Control with Adjustable Termostat
Adjustable Legs
Adjustable Glass Shelf

#3 Panasonic 155L Single Door

Panasonic 155L Single Door Refridgerator

Panasonic 155L Single Door Refridgerator

Reka bentuk Panasonic Single Door amat stylish dan disukai oleh golongan yang lebih muda. Saiznya cukup untuk menyimpan makanan dan minuman untuk keluarga yang mempunyai bilangan 2 – 3 orang.

Panasonic 155L Single Door Refridgerator
155L net capacity
19L Freezer compartment
Adjustable Plastic tray
Direct cool
Large vegetable compartment

#4 Electrolux 2 Door

harga peti sejuk

Electrolux 2 Door Refrigerator

Electrolux 2 Door merupakan peti sejuk “full spec” yang disukai oleh orang ramai kerana harganya amat berpatutuan dan saiznya juga besar. Kaca raknya amat tahan lasak dan tidak mudah pecah. Ia mempunyai sistem penggera yang akan berbunyi jika pintu peti sejuk dibiarkan buka terlalu lama.

Electrolux 2 Door Refrigerator ETB2102PE 210L
Tempered glass shelf
Door Alarm
210 liter Nett

#5 Hisense 170L 1-Door

Hisense 170L 1-door Fridge RR195D4AGN

Hisense 170L 1-door Fridge RR195D4AGN

Hisense 170L 1-Door mempunyai rekaan mesra alam dan rendah bunyi. Raknya diperbuat daripada kaca tahan lasak. Ia bersaiz sederhana dan sesuai untuk keluarga kecil ataupun golongan bujang. Harganya juga sangat berpatutan.

Hisense 170L 1-door Fridge RR195D4AGN
170L, single door fridge
Semi-auto defrost
Tempered glass
Reversible door
Low-noise design
Environment friendly design

#6 Sharp SJ175MSS 2 Door

peti sejuk murah

Sharp SJ175MSS 2 Door Fridge With LED Light

Sharp SJ175MSS 2 Door mempunyai rekaan luaran dan dalaman yang amat menarik. Salah satu fungsinya yang amat menakjubkan ialah ia boleh membuat ais dalam masa yang singkat. Fungsi ini menarik perhatian mereka yang sukakan minuman sejuk sepanjang hari.

Sharp SJ175MSS 2 Door Fridge With LED Light
RM 849.00
170L Capacity
ExPress Ice Making
2-Door Fridge
AG+ Deodorizer

#7 Samsung 220L 2 Door

Samsung 220L 2 Door Deodorizer Fridge RT20FARVDSA/ME

Samsung 220L 2 Door Deodorizer Fridge RT20FARVDSA/ME

Samsung 220L 2 Door mempunyai rekaan yang amat cantik. Ia juga mempunyai ruang yang berfungsi untuk menyimpan buah-buahan ataupun sayur-sayuran untuk tempoh kesegaran yang lebih panjang. Harganya untuk peti sejuk yang mempunyai fungsi seperti ini amat berpatutuan.

Samsung 220L 2 Door Deodorizer Fridge RT20FARVDSA/ME
4.9 ft
High EEF
Digital Inverter Compressor
Deoderizing filter
MoistFresh zone

#8 Mitsubishi Refrigerator 180L


peti ais murah

MITSUBISHI Refrigerator 180L MR-18GA-OB Black 1-Door Fridge

Mitsubishi Refrigerator 180L merupakan peti sejuk yang mempunyai fungsi jimat tenaga elektrik. Walaupun ia hanya mempunyai satu pintu tetapi ruang simpanannya cukup besar untuk kegunaan 2 – 4 orang. Ia juga mempunyai fungsi Antibacterial.

MITSUBISHI Refrigerator 180L MR-18GA-OB Black 1-Door Fridge
180 Litres
5-Star Energy Saver
Minus Ion
Anti Bacterial Rubber Door Gasket
Uni-Chilled Case
Fridge Stand
Onyx Black Color
555W x 603D x 1206H (mm)

#9 HAIER 1-Door 160L

HAIER 1-Door Refrigerator 160L HR199

HAIER 1-Door Refrigerator 160L HR199

HAIER 1-Door 160L merupakan peti ais 1 pintu yang mempunyai fungsi yang hampir sama dengan peti ais 2 pintu. Antara beberapa fungsinya yang menarik termasuk ia cepat sejuk, ruang beku yang cukup besar, menyingkir bau busuk secara automatik dll. Ia juga mempunyai jaminan 5 tahun untuk kompresor.

HAIER 1-Door Refrigerator 160L HR199
160L Capacity
Faster Cooling
Interior Light
Chiller Room
Semi Auto Defrost
5-Years Compressor Warranty

#10 Sanyo 1 Door Fridge

Sanyo Refrigerator SR-S188SB 1 Door Fridge Silver

Sanyo Refrigerator SR-S188SB 1 Door Fridge Silver

Sanyo 1 Door Fridge mempunyai reka bentuk yang slim, oleh itu ia sangat menjimat ruang. Ruang bekunya juga amat besar. Harganya juga sangat berpatutan.

Sanyo Refrigerator SR-S188SB 1 Door Fridge
Direct Cooling
160L Gross Capacity
Single Door
Slim Design
220-240V & 50Hz



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Locate the Best Fridge For Your Own Needs

Choices go way beyond just getting a glass of ice water without needing to open the door in regards to fridges today. With custom panels, it is possible to get a builtin that precisely fits your kitchen cabinets. And forget four doors— more or some newer versions have five. You may also pull a refrigerated drawer out and find it full of frosty pops. Our refrigerator-by-refrigerator guide can help you select the best kind for the house, demystifies asserted vs. real useable storage space, and helps you locate the least noisy versions—so you, and your grocery stores, can chill out.

Pick A Fashion
There is a settings to suit every home. French door versions are exploding in popularity. Many consumers swear by the convenience of deep freezers that are bottom, but side and top freezers -by-sides can make better use of space in a kitchen that is smaller. Here’s what you should understand to make the choice that is best. See our complete Fridge Evaluations for how versions in the sizes that are different under performed in our evaluations.

Top Freezer
A conventional refrigerator, that is not bad for lots of storage in an area that is pretty tight.

Bottom Freezer
Simply get used to squatting through frozen goods to rifle.

French Door
It’s the deep freezer below, and two narrow doors on top. Capacities that are maintained go up to 30 cubic feet, though useable space does’t fit that of similar top-freezer models. The space-saving small-swing doors have the additional worth of opening just half the refrigerator when stashing things that are smaller. More of these have the sought after in door water/ice dispensers.

Consider Size
Most settings come in an assortment of capacities and sizes. Constantly measure where you intend to set the refrigerator before you purchase. Permit room for the doors and for an one inch clearance around sides of the fridge and rear for airflow that is sufficient.

But if you purchase in volume or do a large weekly shopping excursion, you may want more— up.

Energy efficiency is getting a huge selling point with consumers. All refrigerators that are new are a lot more effective than they were a decade past, but here’s a look behind the label—to assist you to go green as possible.
For an apples-to-apples comparison of which versions are most efficient, take a look at the EnergyGuide labels of your favourite refrigerators, and compare the yearly operating costs and the kilowatt hours used per year.

Five Attributes You Will Need
Refrigerators at all price points are fitted out with choices to make your life more coordinated and simpler. French door versions usually are the most jam-packed. Only understand if you can not live without a built in wine rack or an indoor coffeemaker, you will have to pay top prices. The attributes below are the ones we believe will make you most happy.

That is the feature. Caveat: We found that the most repairs are really additionally required by versions with this convenience.

Door-in-Door Storage Accessibility
It is possible to catch often without opening the whole door -used condiments and drinks. That’ll save on energy prices in the long run.

Freshness Characteristics
Double evaporators help prevent deep freezer odors and keep humidity levels that are higher in the refrigerated places. Air purifiers remove mould spores and bacteria, while vacuum -sealed crisper drawers promise to keep food fresher longer.

Temperature Controls
You determine how cold your refrigerator is in specific regions. By way of example, place to be cooler compared to remaining refrigerator to better shop meat, fish, and cold cuts.

You can rearrange split ledges to distinct heights alone, and fix doors to fit taller things. But if your door has deep storage bins meant for butter, milk, or eggs, bear in mind these things are better off on internal ledges where temperatures that are cooler keep them fresher longer. Lift ledges crank down and up, without needing to be unloaded. Ledge snuggers attach to stands to fix jars and bottles. Bins or pullout shelves make use of stored things more easy.

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